17-04-2018 t/m 19-04-2018, RAI, Europaplein, Amsterdam, 10.00 - 18.00 uur, gratis (na registratie), www.puredigitalshow.com

First edition of the Digital Print Event for the Creative Industry.


Pure Digital is the Digital Print Event for the Creative Industry. This event will connect innovative digital print applications and technology with leaders from the creative industry. In response to fast changing retail environments and a growing consumer demand for customisation, there is a need for the creative industry to understand the possibilities of digital print for home, retail, work, and leisure.

There still remains a misconception that print is old, slow and functional. When in fact digital print is fast, flexible and creative. In fact, digital print is now perfectly suited to meeting the needs of the modern consumer. With an array of applications and with a growing capacity for automation, 'Digital Print 4.0' is fast becoming a reality.

This is why the time is right for Pure Digital.


Digital technology connects people and processes that were previously disconnected. We see a future where design and strategic marketing campaigns become fully integrated in order to best respond to changing conditions and new opportunities. Digital print can respond to this demand for print production that is agile, nimble and efficient whether it is for de?cor, retail interiors, packaging, POS or commercial print. This is all becoming integrated as digital enables the customer to think and act as one.

We see a future where digital print businesses are accepted as a core component of the creative community. Where print service providers are indistinguishable in value to other elements of the creative process. We think that in order to thrive both creative direction and print production must synchronise to deliver value, to respond effectively to events and to produce amazing results for customers. Being first, fast and fearless is required in the pursuit of this kind of innovative production. 


Pure Digital aims to create a unique solution to a problem. Still, digital printing accounts for less than 3% of overall print production. In order to change this, we need to inspire creativity with digital print to drive demand. Because creative digital print gives greater value for the customer and a larger profit for the printer.

If people further up the supply chain, closer to consumers, (namely designers, creative directors, marketers from brands and agencies) fully understood the potential and the value of digital printing then we are convinced that this will change and digital print demand would accelerate.

Pure Digital takes place during Building Holland, the leading trade fair for the construction and architecture market in the Benelux, from 17 to 19 April.

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