The Summery

The Animus Visual Design brand is inspired by Blackletter typography and minimalist elements, aiming to create a unique vibe whilst still maintaining a sleek, professional appearance. 

The Project

As this is the branding for my own company I had full reign and creative freedom to make a style which represented me and the design work I produce. Sleek and profressional proved to be more representative than vibrant and relaxed although the work I produce has the capacity to be highly colourful. The logo itself is directly influenced by an "A" from Blackletter typography and modified to have a more ridgid core with a flowing outer sphere in the space it inhibits, resulting in a distinct stylized logo.

Although not especially prelavant in representative material, the colour theme also consists of an orange accent colour to provide flexibility and a touch of character when carried across various formats.

brand design, typografie