The Hoogesteger family had been supplying pure, fresh fruit juices direct to hotels and restaurants since 1955. They wanted to break into the consumer market without compromising their product or their principles and needed a brand identity and packaging design to reflect their no-nonsense approach and high standards.


Such a pure, unadulterated product should be allowed to speak for itself so we let it do just that, loud and clear, without distractions. Even the name is a simple, endorsing sign-off and there is nothing unnecessary or distracting anywhere on our reassuringly simple pack - only the facts. The delicious, fruity colours create their own vibrant, striking display on the shelf and our juice-drop motif oozes mouth-watering appeal. By Hoogesteger is perfect branding by understatement, connecting with consumers who like their produce un-messed-with and who are wary of marketing ploys and manipulation. From anonymity to a premium brand with integrity - without compromise.

Packaging Design, Brand Naming, Artwork & Print Production