In order to meet increasing demand for food that is better for you, this international foodservice company asked us to create a new brand of healthier fries that would challenge the product's negative perceptions. Forbidden to claim that Fries are healthy, we needed to devise a way to communicate a more natural food positioning in other ways.


Our partners, The Healthy Marketing Team, used their specialist knowledge of trends and research in the category to establish a healthier brand positioning which, in turn, inspired our new sub-brand name, 'Nature's Goodness'. We combined this with our potato sack design, a reminder of Farm Frites' genuine farm origin, to create a pack that caused real disruption in the category and which clearly differentiates the brand in the freezer and at point of delivery.  Other brands have since followed suit with similar designs but our Healthy Marketing process enabled Farm Frites to be first to market and the company has since re-focused its corporate values to promote a healthier outlook across its UK portfolio.

Packaging Design, Brand Naming, The Healthy Marketing Team