16-02-2016 - Dutch Designers Magazine (English version), published on 17 February 2016

The seventh edition of Dude, Dutch Designers Magazine, in which Adrian van Hooydonk, chief designer van BMW Group, endearingly and precisely explains his views on the relationship between cars and society, car design in general and that of BMW in particular.

Adrian van Hooydonk
Design and technology are the expressions of their time, and certainly the cars reflected society and everything that was going on in terms of fear, dreams and desires. Adrian van Hooydonk (1964): 'What does 'modern' mean anymore and what has happened to the future that we all believed without reservations?' 


Adrian van Hooydonk


In Dude Adrian van Hooydonk talks about the future challenges for the car-industry in general and BMW. How do you deal with the public that is now much more critical with respect to the proposals that companies like BMW make for the future? Van Hooydonk stresses the importance of concept cars and talks about the i3 and i8 that respond to new developments in drive systems and energy.

Like no other sector, design has the ability to create scenarios for the world of tomorrow. Futuristic, pie in the sky thinking has made way for validation. In our main article Paul Gardien (Philips), Daan Roosegaarde, Marije Vogelzang en Mirjam van der Lubbe (Van Eijk en Van der Lubbe) talk about creating visions of the future.

Elsewhere in this issue: Mediamatic's 30th anniversary, Swedish architecture- and designagency Claesson Koivisto Rune, 'nützliche tipps' to do business with and in Germany, Karin Schwandt about quitting despite success and how cars will become mobile data collectors.

This edition of Dude was made possible by Creative Industries Fund NL. The printed edition will be presented and distributed at the Munich Creative Business Week. Below, it is available online.

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