14-10-2016 - Special of Dude, Dutch Designers Magazine featuring book designer Joost Grootens issued for Frankfurt Book Fair.

This year the Netherlands and Flanders will appear as Guests of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2016. On this occasion a special international edition of Dude, Dutch Designers Magazine will be presented at the fair. This thematic issue focuses on Dutch graphic and book design, and will feature internationally renowned designer Joost Grootens as guest editor.

Joost Grootens is not worried about the future of books, but he’s also not blind to the changing role of graphic designers. Grootens: ‘Digital tools have opened up the field of graphic design and made it more democratic. Designers are becoming less important – users can simply make things themselves. But I think designers are desperately needed, as they are the specialists that have the ability to translate huge amounts of complex information. We have to start thinking differently about the role of graphic designers. In the past, it was limited to designing a product; our current task is to consider which product will offer the best outcome.’

Tomorrow’s generation of designers

Frederike Huygen, fellow at Wim Crouwel Institute, University of Amsterdam, reports a growing role for the designer, and a trend towards increasingly frenzied books in which an extraordinary design has become important – the book as a material object and the book as a striking object that deviates from the norm. In her leading article, Huygen discusses the book of all books: the designer’s monograph, while Dutch book designers Irma Boom, Mevis & Van Deursen and Experimental Jetset examine the rationale behind theirs. Added to this and much more, the magazine closes with the annual overview of the thirty best graduation projects of the new generation of Dutch design professionals.

Today’s power of print

‘Each season the Association of Dutch Designers (BNO) publishes a Dude’, says director Madeleine van Lennep. ‘Our quarterly provides a peek in the world of designers, their way of thinking and their work. Every single Dude fills us with pride: because of the designers themselves in the first place, but also because of the magazine itself. With the Dude series we aim to show the entire spectrum of Dutch design and designers, while using today’s power of a printed magazine.’

During the Frankfurt Book Fair 2016, the special issue of Dude will be distributed to the visitors free of charge, while supplies last. In addition to the printed issue, the magazine can be found online at bno.nl/dude. Both publications are made possible by Creative Industries Fund NL.

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