Herman Jansen produces and distributes spirits, wines and non-alcoholic syrups in over 50 countries worldwide. Founded in 1777, the company has remained in the Jansen family for six generations and now markets a vast portfolio of traditional Dutch and international brands, including market leaders such as Sonnema Berenberg and Jachtbitter. After trading under the UTO name for more than a century, the company wanted to return to its roots and re-establish itself with a new corporate identity to reflect the Jansen family heritage, personality and values.


Our inspiration was Herman Jansen's own gritty, entrepreneurial spirit. When he discovered in 1895 that his glass supplier was selling cheaper to his competition, he was undeterred and founded UTO to manufacture his own. We embodied Herman's legacy in a strong, memorable and unique crafted typography and incorporated a visual pun to represent the company's first ever product:  the 'hidden' jenever spirit bottle. Our design has reclaimed the Herman Jansen name and reconnected it to the heart of the family's business. There's no limit to the adjectives to describe this deceptively simple corporate identity: meaningful, confident, ownable, honest, characterful, original … we could go on …

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